Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family Visit!!!

Angie, Chris and Baby T came to visit!!! We had so much fun while they were here!!! Angie came up for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with Baby T cause I have not seen him forever!! Chris was kind enough to drive the behemoth of a vehicle :) Im a so happy they could come. My friend Steph threw a party (I helped with the decor and food) for the special occasion!!! (Dr Who not Angie coming) It was fun to just hang out with Ang and introduce Baby T around. Here are some pics! Go ahead, be jealous of how cute my nephew is.

Me and Baby T when i got home from work

He was so sleepy!!!


Auntie Kristyn meets T for the first time. It was such a great time

Took Angie to see Daddies grave for the first time. His marker is buried :( We hope to be getting a headstone very soon. 

All and all it was a really great, but super fast trip. I miss having her here already!! And I am sure that Baby T misses me. We got along super well!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have realized in the last few months that I take my family for granted. In the past if I got bored I would go over to moms house and I always assumed she would be there. I would even get a little upset if she wasn't. If I am having a bad day I call one of my sisters and expect them to pick up. If they dont I get a little upset. I always expect them to be there for me (even if I am not there for them) and now they are gone and I realize that I have completely taken them for granted.

Last night I had a pretty bad night at my job. I just moved to the Graveyard shift and I had to learn that not everyone is going to like me right away. (Weird right???)  It was hard for me because 1) I assumed everyone is going to give me an honest chance because I am giving them an honest chance and 2) I assumed that they would treat me like I knew what I was doing. Well neither of these things happened and I just couldn't take it anymore. I got really upset after a conversation with a co-worker and couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't go to my moms house after work and talk to her about it and because it was 4 in the morning I couldn't call my sisters. I had nothing to do other than sit there and think about it while scanning paperwork. It was one of the roughest nights I have had in a long time.

One thing you should know is that the way I work through things is by talking them out. This drives Matt crazy because if I don't understand something I will bring it up over and over and over. He says that sometimes I do it to prove the point that I am right (and maybe sometimes I do) but the majority of the time I do it to understand the other persons side. I want to understand the way other people think and why they feel the way they do. But last night I couldn't talk to anyone because I have no one of that shift that I could really talk to and everyone that loves me and cares was asleep. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel totally abandoned. I know that I married into a fantastic family and that they are always there for me and I could not ask for a better hubby then the one I have, but there is nothing like sitting on your sisters couch and crying and having her know exactly what to say and how to make you feel better. My sisters are really my best friends and I miss them so much. I miss my nieces and nephews. I got a little message from my sister saying that Ivy and Lily love me. It brought me to tears. I miss my mommy more than I can say. I miss sitting on her bed and snuggling Popcorn and Maxy and watching terrible movies. After I had my surgery I laid in bed and cried because I just wanted her to be there and to harass me or fight with me or just sit there and knit with me. I feel so alone and it is so hard for me to handle sometimes. I'm not saying this to make anyone feel sorry for me. In typing this I am hoping that it helps me cope. I know that they were prompted to move and that it was the best thing for them. I just wish I didn't feel left behind. I am lonely in a way that I never knew existed and I don't know how to fix it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Honest Scrap

I stole this from my awesome and amazingly talented (who just put out a book) friend Mercedes M Yardley. 
It seems kinda fun and I have not written anything in about a million years so here goes :)

Here are 10 honest things about me:

1) I am irrationally afraid of cockroaches/water bugs. Long story short- I had a fever and woke up with one walking on my face. Then it stalked me in my bedroom the next night and watched me do homework. It really creeped me out.

2) I call my husband Goober because we have a dog named Honey and it got confusing after a while.

3) I will make fun of myself so that other people will feel better about a situation. I can always make you laugh.

4) If I walk into a crowd I will leave with at least one friend. That is just how it is.

5) My entire life my mom told me that I was 5 minutes older than my twin. Truth is I am 6 minutes older than her.

6) I once spent an entire summer fixing my sisters Chevy Lumina with my dad. When we got one thing fixed another would break. It was the best summer of my life.

7) I am overly optimistic about most things when I am with friends and family. When I am alone I worry about it all til I make myself sick. 

8) When I cook I like to use as many pots and pans as possible cause I know it bothers my husband

9) I was born as Melinda Morris. I was known as Minda Morris until my best friend in high school changed it to Minna Morris (thanks Kara). I have been that since 10th grade. I had to put Melinda Morris in parenthesis on my wedding invite because no one knows me by that name. Now I am Minna Pedersen :)

10) I was told that as a child I would walk away from my mom and go up to complete strangers and say "Hi, my names Minda and I have a twin." I would then walk away and go tell my mom I had a new friend. It is a miracle that I was not kidnapped.

Now you know 10 things about me!!! What are 10 things about you??? Let me know!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Life

I have been thinking about a lot of things in the last little while. The conclusion that I came to is that I have a really good life. I have a great husband who loves me and treats me like a queen, a job that pays the bills and all the little things that make a girl really happy.
One of those things was a calling in my church. I received my dream calling. I got to be a Young Women leader. If you are like everyone else you are thinking "Who the heck would put her in charge of other peoples children??" :) But I was put in charge of those Girls and it was awesome!! I got to talk about boys and have spiritual discussions and tell each one of the how special they are and how much Heavenly Father loves them and it was a great experience.
Last week I was told that I no longer get to be a leader because my days off are changing. I was given the choice to go to Swing shift or Graveyard and I could keep my calling. Matt and I discussed it and it was decided that I choose my family over my calling. It was a very hard decision to make and after I signed my name I cried like I had lost a loved one. I know it sounds dramatic but it is true.
For the last few days I have been sad. Matt cuddles me and tells me he loves me and does all the right things. But nothing helped. I was choosing to be upset over this and letting this get me down. On Saturday I had a friend who had a terrible experience happen. And I wept for her. I cried for the people involved and I prayed for them. The first thing I did was put them on the prayer roll in hopes they would be comforted and feel the love of our Heavenly Father. And everything would turned out okay. Everything did turn out okay.
Through all this I realized that I really do have a great life. Sure I don't get to go to church (it is really such a big deal for me) but at least I have my loved ones and I get to hug my Goober whenever I want. The bottom line?? I think I have finally learned to not sweat the small stuff and to be thankful for the awesome things that I have. And to always remember that I really do have a good life.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have this goal. The goal is that one day my kitchen will be filled with cows.

So many cows that you walk into the kitchen and immediately think "moo".

I have a pretty good head start with all these cows thanks to friends and family and now i am one step closer... I have black and white curtains. YAY!!! Everyone do the happy dance!!

This is my dear friend Crissi and I actually sewing the curtians... yes...that is right... sewing...
(look at my awesome sewing abilities!! Mom should be so proud)

This is Crissi and I posing for the camera

The finished product!!!
(drum roll please... bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm)

They are so awesome!! And Crissi is the best for helping me!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family pics

We took family pics a while back (i will not tell you how long a while back is) and had a fantastic time!! We decided to do the pics at the cabin and it was quite the trip. There was a blizzard that hit just before we were suppose to go up. We decided not to cancel the pics because this has been in the making for longer then I have been a Pedersen :P All in all it was a great day. We had an awesome photographer (thanks Melissa) and got to see a deer and eat lots of yummy food.

Here are my favorite pics of the family.

Tim and Shelia my awesome inlaws

Ben and Sheridon (Matt says Sheridon looks like a model here)

The lovely ladies of the family

The handsome men of the family

We are some really good looking people :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good times

This past weekend Matts mom, Lisa, and little brother, Jaren, came into town. It was so good to see them!! We hung out, ate good food and played around alot.

One of the best things we did was head up to Red Rock and letter box. This is kinda like treasure hunting. What you do, is you get a letter box off the internet follow the directions (dont forget your compass!!) and wha la! (if the directions dont suck) you have yourself a letter box!!

We looked for 3 but were only able to find one. It was a blast to hang out with everyone and it was so much fun to look for the letter boxs!!

This is some beautiful red rocks.

We had to have lunch in the car due to it being
VERY windy!!!

This is my awesome sister in law Sheridon

its a letter box!! We found it!!

These were all over Red Rock. They are sacks filled with these worms... weird...

The night before we went to Red Rock we went to Chuck E Cheese and had a blast!!

Wyatt driving

Jaren playing a driving game

Wyatt and daddy sharing a much needed drink

Uncle Matt harassing Wyatt

Lisa enjoying the company :)

All in all it was a really great Easter weekend