Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family pics

We took family pics a while back (i will not tell you how long a while back is) and had a fantastic time!! We decided to do the pics at the cabin and it was quite the trip. There was a blizzard that hit just before we were suppose to go up. We decided not to cancel the pics because this has been in the making for longer then I have been a Pedersen :P All in all it was a great day. We had an awesome photographer (thanks Melissa) and got to see a deer and eat lots of yummy food.

Here are my favorite pics of the family.

Tim and Shelia my awesome inlaws

Ben and Sheridon (Matt says Sheridon looks like a model here)

The lovely ladies of the family

The handsome men of the family

We are some really good looking people :)


W Hansen said...

You are brave to travel up in nasty weather....but you did get some really great family photos.

Georgie said...

Beautiful family photos! And you're so gorgeous sweetie! :)

Ben & Sheridon said...

Yay for family pics and blog updating :) We are a good loookin' group.