Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Honest Scrap

I stole this from my awesome and amazingly talented (who just put out a book) friend Mercedes M Yardley. 
It seems kinda fun and I have not written anything in about a million years so here goes :)

Here are 10 honest things about me:

1) I am irrationally afraid of cockroaches/water bugs. Long story short- I had a fever and woke up with one walking on my face. Then it stalked me in my bedroom the next night and watched me do homework. It really creeped me out.

2) I call my husband Goober because we have a dog named Honey and it got confusing after a while.

3) I will make fun of myself so that other people will feel better about a situation. I can always make you laugh.

4) If I walk into a crowd I will leave with at least one friend. That is just how it is.

5) My entire life my mom told me that I was 5 minutes older than my twin. Truth is I am 6 minutes older than her.

6) I once spent an entire summer fixing my sisters Chevy Lumina with my dad. When we got one thing fixed another would break. It was the best summer of my life.

7) I am overly optimistic about most things when I am with friends and family. When I am alone I worry about it all til I make myself sick. 

8) When I cook I like to use as many pots and pans as possible cause I know it bothers my husband

9) I was born as Melinda Morris. I was known as Minda Morris until my best friend in high school changed it to Minna Morris (thanks Kara). I have been that since 10th grade. I had to put Melinda Morris in parenthesis on my wedding invite because no one knows me by that name. Now I am Minna Pedersen :)

10) I was told that as a child I would walk away from my mom and go up to complete strangers and say "Hi, my names Minda and I have a twin." I would then walk away and go tell my mom I had a new friend. It is a miracle that I was not kidnapped.

Now you know 10 things about me!!! What are 10 things about you??? Let me know!!!

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Cowgirl Glenda? said...

1: I constantly feel the urge to run away where no one knows me :/
2: My room is a mess all the time. I hate cleaning house.
3: I am in love hopelessly.
4: I am not as strong as I really think I am but don't tell any one please.
5: I was mean to the world for the first ten years after my Papa died.
6: I was unhappy the entire time I was married and don't know if I will ever want to get married again.
7:I listen to my music way to loud.
8:I am a bad friend (but this one I am sure you are all to aware of).
9:I like to be there for others in need but don't want anyone there for me I like to deal with my problems alone.
10: I love cows! and Armadillos and I don't know why.