Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Life

I have been thinking about a lot of things in the last little while. The conclusion that I came to is that I have a really good life. I have a great husband who loves me and treats me like a queen, a job that pays the bills and all the little things that make a girl really happy.
One of those things was a calling in my church. I received my dream calling. I got to be a Young Women leader. If you are like everyone else you are thinking "Who the heck would put her in charge of other peoples children??" :) But I was put in charge of those Girls and it was awesome!! I got to talk about boys and have spiritual discussions and tell each one of the how special they are and how much Heavenly Father loves them and it was a great experience.
Last week I was told that I no longer get to be a leader because my days off are changing. I was given the choice to go to Swing shift or Graveyard and I could keep my calling. Matt and I discussed it and it was decided that I choose my family over my calling. It was a very hard decision to make and after I signed my name I cried like I had lost a loved one. I know it sounds dramatic but it is true.
For the last few days I have been sad. Matt cuddles me and tells me he loves me and does all the right things. But nothing helped. I was choosing to be upset over this and letting this get me down. On Saturday I had a friend who had a terrible experience happen. And I wept for her. I cried for the people involved and I prayed for them. The first thing I did was put them on the prayer roll in hopes they would be comforted and feel the love of our Heavenly Father. And everything would turned out okay. Everything did turn out okay.
Through all this I realized that I really do have a great life. Sure I don't get to go to church (it is really such a big deal for me) but at least I have my loved ones and I get to hug my Goober whenever I want. The bottom line?? I think I have finally learned to not sweat the small stuff and to be thankful for the awesome things that I have. And to always remember that I really do have a good life.


Chris and Kara said...

I really needed to hear that so thanks for the great thoughts! I forget a lot how great I have it and I am always grateful to be reminded of that :). And how awesome that you got to be in YW! I'm sure you were the best! Love ya!

i said...

What great perspective. I bet the YW miss you. ;)