Sunday, June 29, 2008

So mean

Okay... its Sunday evening. I decided to take a shower so that i don't have to wake up early tomorrow and shower, and now i can curl my hair in the morning.

Well I am enjoying a nice warm shower... when all the sudden i am ATTACKED from above by FREEZING water from my loving husband. Why would he do such a think you may ask... cause he thinks its funny to make his wife scream and curse and freak out!!!

What a meany head... that is right. I said meany head.

This is what i have to say to my loving husband...

For those who dont read lolcat it says "Your days they is numbered and i not know that many numbers"


lilmegmo said...

I think you need to stay away from lolcat. Its a little bit odd. You should buy a cat like that and leave it for Matt, see what he does. LOVE YOU!

Angie said...

I LOVE IT! Thats hilarious! The LOLcat. Not Matt. Mister matt is a meany head!

Ambi Mo said...

I'd wait until Matt was showering and throw the LOLcat on his bare back. That'll teach him!