Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday was my official first day back to church (crowd cheers!!) and boy was it an awesome one. It was high council Sunday so I was a little worried that i would fall asleep, but the talks were fantastic and it was really a great experience.

My favorite part about the day was when Ivy (my niece) was told by her mother to pick up the papers that she had thrown on the floor. Ivy climbs off of the bench and begins picking up the papers and all of the sudden you hear the unmistakable voice of a 2 year old singing "Clean up! Clean up! Everybody every where! Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share" right in the middle of this really good talk!! I almost died laughing. And the poor High Councilmen... We were sitting in row 2... so i am sure he heard it but he did not skip a beat.

It will always be a church experience that i remember :)


Stacie Morris said...

Way to go, Ivy!

love you, Minna:
I remember you being so excited at my own wedding you could hardly contain yourself. I also remember you helping me learn which one was Minna and which one was Angie when I was first introduced to the family. I was scared to death I wouldn't get it right but you helped me again and again. Thanks for that!

Ambi Mo said...

She is too cute.
Hey, do they have ABBA songs on Guitar Hero? :)

Erinn said...

hahaha! Precious!

The Morris Fam said...

Way too much fun for sac mtg!! so cute!