Friday, June 27, 2008

This ones for Amber

When I wrote my post about my wedding I realized (more correctly it was brought to my attention :-P) that I forgot to mention the lovely and delicious creations that were made with love by my two lovely sisters Megan and Amber( Co-owners of Sweet Pea Sugar Shack) . They made a marvelous buffet of goodies and deserts for my gusts.

I hear the food was really good (i ate a carrot... it was really good) :)

So heres to you Megen and Amber!!! Job well done!!

***If you are interested in having Megen and Amber a.k.a Sweet Pea Sugar Shack cater your wedding or any kind of get together please let me know. :) ***


Ambi Mo said...

yeah yeah! It was delicious! Thank you!

PookaB said...