Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day shift

Well its official... i am now on day shift!! I am not so happy about the having to be at work at 7 am thing but am super excited to be able to have a relationship with my hubby once again!! Wish me luck on waking up early!!


The Hatch Family said...

Put your alarm clock out of reach from your bed, or kindly ask your sweetie to turn a vacuum on in the room and leave it running. That's what Shaun's mom would do to him:D

Angie said...

Its not that hard! I do it every day! Heres what I do! I set my phone alarm for 6. And then I set my alarm clock for 6:10. That way I give myself the "extra time to sleep" without really having to hit the snooze. Half the time I lay in bed and think about what Im going to wear so that makes it easier to just get up, throw on some clothes and off to work I go!

Stacie said...

Good luck and welcome back to the daylight hours!!