Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucky Charms

So... a while back I went to the doctor for a full work up and he told me that I have highish cholesterol.

Learning this I did what anyone else would do and I decided to change parts of my diet to bring that sucker down. I changed my morning cereal, took eggs completely out of my diet and have started reading labels to stay away from saturated fats.

And I have come to this conclusion...

I miss Lucky Charms... sweet delicious Lucky Charms. Marshmellowy goodness in a box. How I miss you.

Thank you and Goodnight


Georgie said...

Psst.... I know someone that has some! For free! One spoonful won't hurt you... teehee!

Ignore the drug-dealer side of me. ;-) But I'm proud of you sweetie! You can do it! Oh and eat oatmeal! Lots of it!

Chris and Kara said...

I am so proud of you for trying so hard but I agree with Georgie, just one spoonful won't hurt =). A treat every once and a while doesn't hurt...allow yourself a bite...then eat some oatmeal. Love you!

PriceFamily said...

Oh how i miss them too. =(