Thursday, October 30, 2008


I really need to keep up on these things...

I have been having this problem. I am sleeping through my alarm clock. Last Sunday I slept through 3 alarms and I don't know what to do. I want to go to church and enjoy the little bit of church time that I get to have... but I KEEP SLEEPING THROUGH THE STUPID ALARM!!

It may be because I am out of practice as the only day that I need an alarm is Sunday but that is really no excuse. So does anyone have any ideas for me? (The place it across the room thing is not helping)

Becca said she will call me on Sundays to make sure that I am up; and as appreciative as I am for her doing this I feel like a retard. I am 25 years old and cant seem to wake my butt up for church... any suggestions would be very helpful.


Georgie said...

What time to you go to bed at night? I know you're working late Saturday nights, so how many hours of sleep are you allowing yourself to get before the alarm goes off? Your body needs to get into a routine, so I recommend going to get at the same time, all the time until your body adjusts. Or another thing you can try... getting a really loud annoying alarm that is definitely get your butt out of bed! I have an alarm clock I don't use that you can have. My brother had the same problem and this thing got him up!

The Morris Fam said...

sounds like sleep deprivation to me!
good luck. i can call you too...let me know

Stacie Morris said...

Yeah, it sounds like sleep deprivation. That must be very frustrating and annoying. I have heard of police officers being able to train their bodies to be on their late night shifts for 4 days a week and still being able to do normal hours the remaining 3- they just take naps! Good luck!