Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun times

Matt recently took me on a date to The Wax museum over by the Venetian. It was so much fun!!! Here are some pics :)

Me and the Captain. I just love his bald head!!!

Matt and Andre... they are old friends :)

~Tickle Tickle~

He is just so cute!!

Faith smaith... Tim is all mine :)

Getting giggy with it :P

Thats my man... just another rat pack member

Singing with the greats!!!

Abe and I go WAY back :)

Yep... Matt was on the Moon.

Don't mess with the Master Chief

It was a really great night :)


Erinn said...

How fun!! You guys are so cute!!

Ambi Mo said...

I went to the museum and some of those guys look creepy up close!! It's still amazing what they are able to do.

You look cute, by the way!! :)

Georgie said...

The both of you are so cute! Aww! I love you two!

PookaB said...

My blog is public now, so check it out!

Stacie Morris said...

Ha! That sounds like a great night from a great husband!

The Morris Fam said...

dang those guys look real!