Monday, November 17, 2008

House Hunting

Today was a very awesome day. Matt and I spent 4 hours looking at 13 homes. Our Realtor (Laura Reide) has been so fantastic and awesome. She initially sent us 74 homes to look at and we narrowed it down to 15 and were able to view 13 today.

My rockin' Realtor Laura!!!

The hunt was fun yet extremely tiring. In then end Matt and I decided to put an offer down on 2 homes.

The first one was Canyon Dawn

This is the ML pic of the front. Its so pretty!!

This is the window in the front. The window sill just screams to be decorated for christmas!

FIRE PLACE!! Gotta love the fire place

This is the kitchen. Now I really don't care too much for the painted cabinets, however, I loved the rest :)

And of course my lovely husband... in front of the gazebo that has a built in bbq (well the space for one anyway)

The second house we put an offer on was on Summer Sun

Its so cute!!

I had to take a pic of the crazy tree! It rocks my world!!

Look at this rocking back yard!! I just loved it!!

All in all it was a really good day. Hopefully Matt and I will get some positive feedback on one of the houses. It would be really nice to be home owners :)

Let me know what you think :) Or if you want Laura's phone number :)


PookaB said...

I LOVE the first house! I couldn't really see the front of the second house. Yah for you guys! I'm so jealous!

Stacie Morris said...

Wow! You're house hunting? I had no idea! So where are the homes? They look like some great choices. How fun and fantastic for you!