Monday, September 8, 2008

Drama part 2

I am really feeling picked on at work and I am super frustrated about it. Two of my co workers are out to get me (see drama post) and I feel like I have no friends on my shift. It is bad enough that I have to work swing shift so that I never get to see Matt, but I have no friends or allies and it is really starting to wear on me.

Today I was proud of myself. The other day my co worker Diane (one of the ladies from Drama) told my supervisor that I talk too much and that is one of the problems that she has with me. Well... I know I do. I talk WAY too much so i decided (without being told too) that I will not talk as much. I have been really trying and it has been very hard for me. I guess I am just too much of a social butterfly, but today I did it. I hardly spoke at all and I was so proud of myself. Then it happened.

My desk Sgt came over and sat in a chair between Felicia's (other girl involved in Drama) cube and my cube. She asked me some questions and a conversation started. Well wouldn't you know that would be the ONLY time all night that my trainer would come in and check in on us???

Well... I ended up getting in trouble. I did not get yelled at but i got "You have got to curb your talking or else." I understand that perception is everything and that I got the short end of the stick but COME ON!!!! Or else??? What is that about?? I spent all night listening to Diane and Felicia go on and on about stupid things they did when they were drunk and pools and puffy flaming hot Cheeto's!! I am so frustrated.

I have decided that my only course of action is to not talk at all. Unless absolutely necessary. Ya know the "Hey. Your chair is on fire." necessary. And that sucks for me because I love to talk and socialize and meet people. I guess this is just how it goes for the next year... please pray for me guys. Cause this is gonna be really hard.

I think I am beginning to hate my job- sad cause I use to like it so much.


Georgie said...

*HUGS* I wish I could work with you. I think I talk more than you so I would so help take all the attention off of you. I say fuck 'em. Be yourself and if they don't like it, they don't have to listen. And I'm always a text message away so text away! I will be your release!

Erinn said...

It is SO hard and your working in a very hard industry. I praise you for your strength. If your able, write notes to people in your life since they are asleep. Then you can drop them in the mail and feel like you have had entire conversations. I dont quite understand your job that you are allowed to talk to coworkers all evening tho, like your counterparts do.

Working in that department is difficult for social butterflies and honest people. There are alot of corrupt people in the police sectors. Especially during that shift. Bosses arnt around in swing so it allows for people to get away with stuff they wouldn't otherwise, so its really unfortunate.

Hang in there hun. In the long run it counts. But at the same time you have to think about what environment is the best environment for Minna.

Call me if you need to chat.

lilmegmo said...

i understand completely how you feel. I work in an giant room filled with 100 cubicles and if anyone talks everyone hears. People are usually too busy to talk at great lengths but it still happens. Just focus on doing your work and hopefully you can transfer shits soon. Just remember that you are so lucky to have an amazing job in such a bad time. I see people every single day that cant feed themselves and are losing their homes because they cant get a job. Its bad times.
Try to stay away from those girls because they are going to taint your attitude and cause you trouble. Just remember, you go to work to work and not to have friends. I know that its super hard and I love to talk too (i got in trouble for talking to my buddy a couple of weeks ago) but, try to steer clear of them because it sounds like they are nothing but trouble and you dont need extra drama in your life. I love you and I'm sorry that they are being such poo heads!

Erinn said...

Yesterday I found out that Reno dispatchers were hiring and I mentioned it to my boss in case she knew anyone looking for a job.

Her response: 'Swingshift dispatchers are HOOKERS!' and continued to tell me how they hunt after married cops.

I assured her that my friend in LV was not a hooker but that her co-workers mostl-likely were. LOL!!!

lilmegmo said...

i just re-read my comment because I was reading it ambi and I noticed that I said a bad word! HEE HEE. I was trying to say transfer SHIFTS. Love you!