Friday, January 23, 2009


So... it has finally come to this... after much shivering it has been decided that our HVAC unit must be condemned. I only wish that we did not have to wait 3 freaking weeks of living without heat to find this out.

It looks like our new unit is gonna cost around 5 grand :*(

Its a good thing that Matt and I are not newly weds and that we planted that money tree in the back yard.

Well enough whining for now. At least I have a fantastic home to live in and a husband and new puppy that love me very very very much!!

<---- New puppy. Everyone meet Torro :)


Erinn said...

Sorry that you have to replace the system :( Is there anyway you can get the old tenants to foot the bill since it was a pre-existing problem.

You shouldnt have to pay for that!

Cute puppy btw :)

Stacie said...

Sorry to hear about the problems but it looks like a great house!

i said...

i've had to by a unit before. yuck!:)

Tom and Natalie said...

I am so sorry that you are having this problem! Esp in your new home! But on a good note your home looks nice and your puppy is cute! What kind is it?

PriceFamily said...

Cute puppy!!! Sorry about the AC unit! =(